5 Reasons To Get A Massage

The classic massages are far more than just a spa treatment, massaging of the muscles helps to release tension. Thus massages are also suitable as a treatment for many ailments.

There are many reasons for utilizing massage therapy to support overall health. Here is a list of top 5.

▪️Relieve tension headaches

It is much better to treat symptoms with massage than with medicaments, especially for recurring headaches. According to medical studies, in particular the classic or Swedish massage has proven to be especially helpful. In practice, the massage focuses on massaging the neck and back muscles, the tension is often a major cause of headaches. While the gentle stroking and patting improves circulation up in the head, it also provides deep relaxation.

▪️Effective prevention of aging processes of body and skin

The massage increases the speed of blood flow. Thus, toxins are quickly removed from our body and all the tissues are actively supplied with oxygen.

▪️Lower blood pressure

For most hypertensive patients, there is no direct cause of high blood pressure. However, it is assumed that around 90% of patients suffer constantly of daily stress.

The high blood pressure should be monitored at an early stage of life, so the affected person can counteract as soon as possible, because consequential damage of high blood pressure might be considerable. The hypertensive patient has a significantly lower life expectancy.

A massage is the most important and best tolerated therapy that releases through relaxation the patient of its symptoms. A massage for hypertensive patients has guaranteed no side effects. The muscle relaxation results in a widening of blood vessels and improving the blood circulation in tissues, which goes hand in hand with a gentle lowering of high blood pressure.

▪️Encourages joint flexibility

Through sedentary activities ( sitting at computer, at wheel of a car etc.) severe pain in the neck and shoulder area occur. These pains are caused by an abnormal posture, which may also cause discomfort in the buttocks and lower back muscles.

Massage therapy is a beneficial treatment for maintaining and improving flexibility and motion. By working on muscles, connective tissues, tendons, ligaments, and joints, regular massage can improve your flexibility and range of motion, keeping your joints more fluid and making them less injury prone.

▪️Boost the immunity

It’s no secret that our immune system requires constant support and strength. This is especially important for the people who are often ill. The research team at Cedar Sinai Medical Center found that a 45 minute Swedish massage (intensive classic back massage) can activate the immune system and strengthen it. A massage improves the quality of lymphocytes, which are involved in the immune defense. Thereby, one or two massage sessions per week strengthens guaranteed the immune system of our body.

▪️Promote a calm mind

It’s no secret that a psychological burden associated with stress. The psychological relief through massage is therefore a kind of panacea for stress. In a relaxed state, it is easier to concentrate and think clearly. People can also become inspired and creative. And who knows? Maybe some new ideas will be developed or problems solved.

The benefits of massage are thus beyond doubt. Massages are healthy, feel great and help you to reach higher levels of well-being. Support your body and your soul, give yourself strength and vitality in a wonderful way, massage is definitely one of them!

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